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When business owners and managers are facing problems from strong competition they need to get more competitive and the Profit Focus toolkit will help them fight back.

We'll be exploring how business owners and managers can grow the profits of their business. Not just by finding more clients but also the opportunities business owners and managers have to cut their costs to grow their business's profits.

Of course, we'll also be looking at how business owners and managers businesses can grow their base of clients as sales is just as important to business owners and managers businesses as any other.

So I repeat: When business owners and managers are facing problems from strong competition they need to get more competitive and the Profit Focus toolkit will help them fight back.

On a more developmental note, we'll look at executive coaching for business owners and managers, especially managers of businesses in your industry. As specialist consultants to your industry we provide specialist training for business owners and managers businesses. We also have a series of publications for your industry specifically for business owners and managers.

So once again: When business owners and managers are facing problems from strong competition they need to get more competitive and the Profit Focus toolkit will help them fight back.

Going back to the issue of how to get more clients for your business, you need to think about who is truly your industry expert to help business owners and managers? We'd like to propose that, as specialist consultants to your industry, we are certainly well positioned to qualify for that title to some degree.

So that's why the article you're about to read is especially relevant for your industry and business owners and managers in particular.

What's the message? Dare I spell it out one last time? When business owners and managers are facing problems from strong competition they need to get more competitive and the Profit Focus toolkit will help them fight back.

12 Mini Case-Studies for Business Owners and Managers:
Secret Low Cost Marketing Strategies That Work Like a Dream

Please remember that these case-studies are not about theory. They're about 12 real business people. People just like you. People who need to balance conflicting pressures of work and family. People with bills to pay and clients to keep happy. But there is one difference between all 12 of these people and you...

These 12 are already benefitting from using these strategies in their businesses. They're already enjoying a higher level of personal success. Greater rewards for less time and stress. And that's what I call working smarter. Just like you can. And that's exactly what I'd like to encourage you to do.

While you're reading the case studies, if at any point you decide you'd like to speak to someone about your own situation, please click on the "Get in Touch" tab in the top right hand corner of your screen.

You'll see how the 12 managers used the Profit Focus tools. And you'll see what a difference they made in their businesses. How the tools helped them identify and implement secret strategies to:
- accelerate their growth
- turbo-charge their sales
- and explode their profits

Maybe some of these strategies will be completely new to you. And maybe some you will have heard of, but thought they weren't relevant to you; Maybe because you just couldn't see how to make them work for you.

And maybe some you will have tried before. But they didn't work. Simply because you were missing a final part of the jigsaw:

"How to make them work for in particular?"

Well, you're not alone. Those are some problems the managers in these 12 case studies had to overcome. And Profit Focus helped them to join the dots. To get these strategies working to their full potential.

For now you're about to discover how Profit Focus can produce these exact same results for you. Here's a quick sample case-study for you:

How Jim Casey Wiped Out His Big-Chain Competitors
In Just Seven Months and Expanded His Own Territory

Have you ever had trouble with competitors muscling in on your territory? If so this case-study will warm your heart. It's about a small business that had been ticking over nicely for years. But then the 'big boys' arrived...

Competition wiped out in 7 months

"It was ruthless, but it was either them or me. Not only did these strategies get them to move out of my patch, but I was also able to expand coverage to 7 new delivery areas. Sales have simply boomed."
(Jim Casey, owner of a family-run fast food takeaway and delivery service)

Of course competition isn't limited to the fast-food industry, and all businesses are facing increasing problems in this area, as you well know.

This is an example of how the Profit Focus tools can help small businesses respond when their market position comes under threat. Jim's family had been profitably serving their local community for many years. But sales had plummeted as a result of big-chain competition moving into their area.

As a result they started to struggle covering their overheads each month. So it was either time to close up shop or find the competition's Achilles heel and fight back.

The tools in the Profit Focus toolkit helped Jim identify his unique strength and exploit it to the full. The competition had no idea what hit them and probably has no clue to this day. Not only was the business saved by the action taken, but it was also greatly strengthened.

But at times like this many managers simply don't know how to respond. They either bury their heads in the sand, or get paralized by fear and confusion. And that's what causes so many businesses to fail. But...

... Profit Focus toolkit will keep your mind battle-ready!

Now You Can Get " Profit Focus"
Working in Your Business Too

Would you like to try these tools out in your own business? Of course you would. To see how, just click here to get the full Profit Focus toolkit working for you too.

Or click here to see another example first.

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